Sunday, January 28, 2007


Hello dears!

First I am sorry that I did not put it on the blog earlier. It is quite a busy time at PHZ and school as well.

What have we done last Tuesday?!

We spoke about speaking ;-)

Two of each group had to do a speaking part and the others had to observe them. There are three areas which you should not forget: interaction, language and content.

But the most important point is; do not lose your words…talk talk talk. Further you have to have a conversation and not only a single speech.

What was more? We heard an amusing experience about hypnotism. Eveline give us a great example to refuse any holiday animate programmes which include hypnotism. Thanks for sharing that experience with us!

So dear English group.. I wish you a nice week end and don’t forget your homework!

See you in fortnight.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Test: Change to the new blog

Hello everybody

it took me two or three attempts to get my new account in google blogger. But now it works.

Instead of writing a nice text, I decided to post a Limerick: Who knows it by heart till next Tuesday?

A flea and a fly in a flue
Were caught, so what could they do?
Said the fly,"Let us flee."
"Let us fly," said the flea.
So they flew through a flaw in the flue.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Summary 16.01.07

Another week has gone by in the new year and once again I'll write the summary.
We looked at the writing tasks and compared the different 'bands'.
Important: include all contents points
use expected language
use appropriate format
Who is the reader
Information required
Text type (format)

The passive was looked it.
Jokes got laughed at.
It was thought that jokes are hard to tell.
My hope is to bring the passive closer in all its forms.

Homework to be done: Passives in unit 6, worksheet and WB; Vocab. pg. 75; writing-either correction or WB pg 47-49; word transformation (incl. word flowers) WB pg. 49

And now for a couple of links (sorry - a bit late!):

A Reading Text
This one is good for practice in reading quickly.

OWL - online writing lab
A writing and grammar practice site.

Cambridge Dictionary

And now my homework is done ;-)

Greetings from Cambridge

What do we usually know about Cambridge? Of course, that there is an University, which sets the norm for the CAE.

Cambridge people are very proud of their University and its reputation indeed. And they love the various colleges and their now famous former fellows: Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton and Oliver Cromwell are only a few names of them. The about thirty, partly huge, colleges set the atmosphere of the centre of this town, sometimes I feel like being in a Harry Potter film.

But there are real people as well. My slightly eccentric host family and Charles the cat, more or less boring teachers, interested classmates, very friendly bus drivers, talkative guards and people sitting in a tea shop, chatting.

What I never had expected from Cambridge is that it is a cycling city. Cycle lanes and signs everywhere. I have hired a bicycle on my very first day here and have taken the great challenge: Driving on the left-hand side. Each crossroads is a new brain gym. Which side I should look first on? But I have read that breaking the routine has a positive impact on ones brain ;-)!

What do we usually not know about Cambridge? In Cambridge was the first official football pitch ever drawn and here have been written down the official football rules for the first time as well. I’m sure, that’s why Cambridge is still well known…

Regards from Britain


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Half time! -time for questions?

Well everyone
You have 15 weeks behind you and 15 weeks left. Time flies when you're having fun ;-)
We looked at the exam last tuesday and will continue next Tuesday.

Since I know that often questions don't come up when they're supposed to, but right before bed, I'd like you to place questions, wishes, etc as comments to this post.

I always get an e-mail when someone writes, so I'll be sure to read them and take them seriously!!

Oh, and it might be nice for Dorothea to hear from you again. Feel free to leave a post directed to her, but let me know if you have problems, because the program was updated.
That's it for now:-)